Saturday, October 4, 2008

White to replace McGain

Cameron White is going to travel to India on October 6 to replace injured spin bowler Bryce McGain.

Well, ok.

Cricket Australia can get anybody they want but the main thing is, that person has to help their team win.

We need all the help we can get.

India are a tough competitor.

The Aussies are finding it hard dealing with them but Michael Hussey and Stuart Clark did a brilliant effort making a 96-run stand for the last wicket.

We'll get through this in victory, no worries.

...I think.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

McGain's out due to injury

Bryce McGain has been ruled out of his first test due to shoulder problems.

Now, I don't know much about this Bryce guy but according to other cricket sites, he's pretty good.

Well, ok then.

I'll see once he's on TV.

He's 36 and a spin bowler.

A spinner is what Australia need at the moment.

You know, to level out the bowling.

If that makes sense.

Hopefully, he gets better soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trust the fielder's word

Ricky Ponting says that we should trust the fielder's word.


Trust, is something hard to get from your opposition when you're on the field.

Unless you're already friends with them.

There's a saying 'Trust no-one.'

I don't believe it but there's sometimes liars in the game of cricket.

Who lie just because they want to win.

People who have no respect.


I think this is a good thing.

If people start to believe in each other, it would bring out the good in everyone and bring peace to the game.

But the ICC might just stuff this up.

Well, whatever.

It'll be good if we stopped using technology just to prove if the person who took the catch was fibbing or not.

But just in case, make sure the catcher is a good person before trusting them.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gilly to lead DC

Mr Adam Gilchrist is going to lead the Deccan Chargers next season of the IPL.

Do you know how happy that makes me feel?



I should calm down.

Gilly's certainly doing a lot of things after his retirement.

*Cough* like saying cricket should be in the Olympics.

Not a bad idea actually.

I can picture Ricky Ponting and the Aussies standing tall, with gold medals around their necks, singing their National Anthem.


Gilchrist could be commentator.

Awesome again.

Anyways, back to the IPL.

I go for the Deccan Chargers...

Even though they came last this year.

That's sad.

Maybe Gilly can change that.

YAY, if he does.

Let's just see next year, shall we?


He's almost back.

Andrew Symonds has been named Queensland captain for a Twenty20 match against the Kolkata Knight Riders.

The match will be happening on Tuesday.

Roy also returned to his state cricket team on the weekend.

...And hopefully he'll be returning to International cricket soon as well.

If, in my wildest dreams, he ever reads this;

You have my entire support, mate.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

God save Roy

It's Sunday today.

Yes, people like to call it 'rest day.'

Hmm, yes it is.

Well, it's not a rest day for Andrew Symonds.

After shoulder-barging a streaker, you'd think that he'd stay as one of the most popular cricketers in the world.

But nooo, Cricket Australia had to axe him just for missing ONE team meeting. Honestly, they're becoming softies.

The man went fishing, for Pete's sake.

He didn't kill anyone. He didn't commit a crime.

What's wrong with fishing??

Absolutely nothing.

I like fishing...even though I never tried it before.

Vice-captain Michael Clarke made a statement:

"When I was given the vice-captaincy, I knew part of that role was making sure you put the team first. The one thing that has probably been misinterpreted is that I didn't make the decision to send Andrew Symonds home on my own, it was the leadership group."

Stuff the leadership group, Pup. Defend your best mate. Geez.

Sorry if I sound like a whinger but I strongly believe that Symmo should not have been axed just for missing a meeting. It doesn't matter just as long as the man performs at his best to make his country win, win, win.

Enough said.

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My friend Jherrico MADE me write a post about Runescape (RS).

He came out of retirement...apparently. He stopped playing RS 5 months ago and only started playing it again yesterday, Sunday.

Shocking, I know.

His addiction is getting serious.

No, not really.

But he should be careful.

I had to start wearing reading glasses because of that game.

Ruined my eyesight.

But it's a good game. Sometimes.

Let me explain -

Runescape is like a cricket innings on a very slow day; it gets boring at times but you still want to play/watch it.

Weird comparison but bear with me.

Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. MMORPG for short.

There are over 150 worlds and Jerri thinks he pwns the entire game and everyone who plays it.

You can become a member and get more benefits. The bad thing is that you have to pay which really sucks.

But being non-member is still ok, I suppose.

You make your own character. Name it. Level up your skills. Train on monsters. Do quests. Play minigames. Chat to friends. Make new ones. Try to get in the high scores and be happy when you do because it's hard.

Here, let me get the expert...

Jherrico explains: "There are many skills. But let's take woodcutting for example. You have to chop trees for logs and once you get 99 skill level you can get a skill cape but it's only for members."

Sounds great?


And just to add, make sure you got virus protection.

Better safe than sorry.

You can go and play it now if you want.


Jherrico - what do you reckon?

Jherrico's his name.

A good friend/classmate of mine.

He tried out for the cricket team as well but unfortunately, didn't make it.

So here's the question: Do you think he should have?

He's a pretty nifty batter, his bowling is good too.

Likes to bowl 'em straight and fast. Obviously, he's a fast bowler.

His batting is controlled but sometimes he gets carried away and likes to slog it once in a while which is how he gets out.

Not really a HUGE cricket fan but still likes to play.

Well, he's Jherrico and what do you reckon?

Can he play cricket?

Or did the teachers make the right decision?

You decide.