Sunday, September 28, 2008

God save Roy

It's Sunday today.

Yes, people like to call it 'rest day.'

Hmm, yes it is.

Well, it's not a rest day for Andrew Symonds.

After shoulder-barging a streaker, you'd think that he'd stay as one of the most popular cricketers in the world.

But nooo, Cricket Australia had to axe him just for missing ONE team meeting. Honestly, they're becoming softies.

The man went fishing, for Pete's sake.

He didn't kill anyone. He didn't commit a crime.

What's wrong with fishing??

Absolutely nothing.

I like fishing...even though I never tried it before.

Vice-captain Michael Clarke made a statement:

"When I was given the vice-captaincy, I knew part of that role was making sure you put the team first. The one thing that has probably been misinterpreted is that I didn't make the decision to send Andrew Symonds home on my own, it was the leadership group."

Stuff the leadership group, Pup. Defend your best mate. Geez.

Sorry if I sound like a whinger but I strongly believe that Symmo should not have been axed just for missing a meeting. It doesn't matter just as long as the man performs at his best to make his country win, win, win.

Enough said.

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