Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trust the fielder's word

Ricky Ponting says that we should trust the fielder's word.


Trust, is something hard to get from your opposition when you're on the field.

Unless you're already friends with them.

There's a saying 'Trust no-one.'

I don't believe it but there's sometimes liars in the game of cricket.

Who lie just because they want to win.

People who have no respect.


I think this is a good thing.

If people start to believe in each other, it would bring out the good in everyone and bring peace to the game.

But the ICC might just stuff this up.

Well, whatever.

It'll be good if we stopped using technology just to prove if the person who took the catch was fibbing or not.

But just in case, make sure the catcher is a good person before trusting them.

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