Wednesday, October 8, 2008

As if!

Virender Sehwag made a shocker of a comment.

He said that the Aussies cheated in the Sydney test last season.


That is totally untrue.

Australia won fair and square.

He's just upset because his team didn't win.

Bad sportsmanship.

So sad.

Now, he just made the Aussies angry.

Boy, he's gonna get it.

The tension between these two sides are shockingly scary.

The ICC banned sledging, which I didn't like at first but now with Australia and India having a go at each other, it has kind of changed my mind. Not completely but almost.

Probably if that law hadn't been passed, players will be getting heaps of fines.

Sehwag should just stop whinging.

According to
Cricinfo, Ricky Ponting is insulted with what he said. (You can read about it here)

The catches were fine.

Anyway, the umpires or the third man have the last say so don't argue with their decisions.

They'll fine you for it if you don't be careful.


Shane Warne is gone.

He's not playing international cricket anymore.

How hard is it to understand that?

For the people who have a brain, yes it's quite easy to understand.

But certain others lack the brain knowledge and reckon he can make a come-back.


Just because Australia is finding it hard without star spinners, doesn't mean a retired player can come back.

Our current spin bowlers are fine thank you.

I'm sure Australia can cope without Warnie.

Yes, everybody knows he's an absolute legend at the art of spinning but enough is enough.

Forget the past and move on.

You can't rely on him every time the Aussies need help because he's not there anymore.

Let the other guys work it out.

They've got talent; they've got skills so they can do it themselves.

Just let them learn and leave Shane in peace.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A great rivalry

Oh snap!

The test series between Australia and India are definitely striking up some tension.

Well, at least it's not as bad as before.

But it's still nerve racking.

India's got guts to stand up and look at the Aussies straight in the eye without being scared.

They've been fighting like savage dogs.

Nobody's won yet though.

The fight's still going and India's looking strong but Australia are making a come-back.

These two cricket teams are tough. As in REALLY tough. They will never back down from a challenge.

Over the years, no other teams could step up and make an impact but India have finally done that. They're making the Australians struggle which makes the game even more interesting.

Yes, Australia have lost its big superstars like McGrath, Warne, Gilchrist etc, and they have a new look side now. A more younger one. Unexperienced but still has a lot of talent. The older guys will have to guide them.

On the other side, India's got some old players. This may be holding them down a bit. Sourav Ganguly's retiring after the test series so maybe some of the senior players might follow letting the younger ones show the world what they've got.

Matches between these two great nations are never boring. Every second of every minute and every minute of every hour, there's always something happening to make the day even more entertaining.

I believe that this rivalry is good for the game of cricket.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Gilchrist in All-stars

Adam Gilchrist has been confirmed to play for the All-stars against Australia in a one-off Twenty20 match on November 14.


You can read about it, here, here, not here, but here

Anyways, there's nothing like an exciting T20 match.

...Boundaries, wickets, commentary from the players


Cricket Australia also said that the All-stars might have other 'returning icon players.'

The Aussie Cricinfo mentioned Glenn McGrath and Darren Lehmann.

Great stuff.

This will definitely be interesting.

Oh and wait...isn't November 14 Adam Gilchrist's birthday as well?

Yes it is.


The match couldn't be held on a better day.

Advance happy b'day Gilly.