Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jherrico - what do you reckon?

Jherrico's his name.

A good friend/classmate of mine.

He tried out for the cricket team as well but unfortunately, didn't make it.

So here's the question: Do you think he should have?

He's a pretty nifty batter, his bowling is good too.

Likes to bowl 'em straight and fast. Obviously, he's a fast bowler.

His batting is controlled but sometimes he gets carried away and likes to slog it once in a while which is how he gets out.

Not really a HUGE cricket fan but still likes to play.

Well, he's Jherrico and what do you reckon?

Can he play cricket?

Or did the teachers make the right decision?

You decide.


  1. I think he needs more practice. Keep practicing and hope for the best. Cricket is a very fun game to the Aussies and maybe you're gonna be one of their players soon.

  2. thank you very much i'll try practice more XD