Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm tired and feel like complaining

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. 13 days to be exact.

I swear, it's the homework's fault. It's true. I still have to do 3 assignments over the weekend.

It's they're fault. It's homework, homework, homework, never-ending homework. One day, you're feeling happy - YES!! I FINISHED EVERYTHING! WHOOOO! TIME TO PLAY THE PS2!! - and then the next day - HOMEWORK?! HOMEWORK?! AGAIN?! FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! - yeah, it's like that.

But stuff that because I don't want to talk about homework anymore, so let's talk about cricket.

South Africa vs Australia

*thinks* Please don't lose. Please don't lose. Please don't lose.

Oh wait. It says Australia are in control. Now, that's pure awesomeness.

Marcus North made a century on debut. Good on him. He's heading up north from now on. AHAHAHA, get it? Get it? He's heading north? He's moving forward, up...
Ahhh, never mind. That was a terrible joke.

See, it's the homework that's getting to me. SAY NO TO HOMEWORK! It kills trees. (And sense of humour.)

*But I suppose I should do it since if I didn't I'd get after school detention...hmm...GAAHH, this is so retarded*