Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poor Kolkata

Nah, really. You gotta admit, you do have to feel sorry for them. Especially for this match since they've only won one game.

They had the victory in their grasp. They did.
But then Rohit Sharma came along, smashed a few 6's and 4's in the final over and then BOOM! Deccan won. (Sorry to all the KKR fans out there.)

Deccan Chargers 166 for 4 (Gilchrist 43) beat Kolkata Knight Riders 160 for 5 (Hodge 48, Hussey 43) by six wickets.

One HD's coverage made me laugh. I remember, quote -
"One HD apologises for the technical difficulties we are now experiencing from South Africa."
It was something like that. And another thing, after the game finished, they went back to our own Aussie hosts or whatever you wanna call 'em. The guy on the right was laughing his head off. Love it, love it. He even handed some tissues to the guy who went for KKR on the left! Anybody know their names? That certainly, for me, made up for the technical difficulties throughout the entire game.

Kolkata are still last on the leaderboard whilst Deccan are right up there at third.