Sunday, September 28, 2008


My friend Jherrico MADE me write a post about Runescape (RS).

He came out of retirement...apparently. He stopped playing RS 5 months ago and only started playing it again yesterday, Sunday.

Shocking, I know.

His addiction is getting serious.

No, not really.

But he should be careful.

I had to start wearing reading glasses because of that game.

Ruined my eyesight.

But it's a good game. Sometimes.

Let me explain -

Runescape is like a cricket innings on a very slow day; it gets boring at times but you still want to play/watch it.

Weird comparison but bear with me.

Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. MMORPG for short.

There are over 150 worlds and Jerri thinks he pwns the entire game and everyone who plays it.

You can become a member and get more benefits. The bad thing is that you have to pay which really sucks.

But being non-member is still ok, I suppose.

You make your own character. Name it. Level up your skills. Train on monsters. Do quests. Play minigames. Chat to friends. Make new ones. Try to get in the high scores and be happy when you do because it's hard.

Here, let me get the expert...

Jherrico explains: "There are many skills. But let's take woodcutting for example. You have to chop trees for logs and once you get 99 skill level you can get a skill cape but it's only for members."

Sounds great?


And just to add, make sure you got virus protection.

Better safe than sorry.

You can go and play it now if you want.


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