Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a lazy Saturday...well, for me anyway

Yeah, I'm feeling lazy. I should be outside playing, shouldn't I? Or I should be doing my homework, shouldn't I?

Look, look, look, this is my homework!

Science - read pages 161-167 and fill out classifying animals worksheet
TECH - finish game flow chart
Maths - complete integers code worksheet
Italian - pages 44 and 45 plus about me assignment which has to be written in Italian
Art - complete three sheets about Brett Whiteley and Donald Friend

Most of that is due on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Now can you see why I'm complaining? See, see, see? Is this the right amount of homework to be given to a 12-year-old? *Sigh.

They say it's good for me, so why am I complaining? I reckon it's something natural that just comes to kids.

Who knows?

So yeah, I'm just surfing the net, at the moment. Er, I typed in the word cricket into google and looky here, this is what came up -

Obviously, the second and third ones I have already clicked because they're in purple, LOL.

Don't you think it's kind of funny how Cricket Australia are the first one to come up. I mean, there are heaps of other countries out there that play cricket but Australia's site happens to be the one that comes up first. Meh. Ok, I know this post is quite very random but bear with me.

Now, I am going to type cricket into Youtube. And looky here again! Another funny thing comes up.

Did you notice that most of them were from England?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Well then!

Long time no blog. Yeah, you already know why if you've read my past posts. I don't want to annoy you with my endless mentions of homew...


I don't really know what's happening between Australia and South Africa because I don't have Foxtel (gee, thanks mum), so I have to rely on cricket sites.

Let's see, say -

"An unbroken 83-run partnership between Ashwell Prince and Hashim Amla helped South Africa take charge on day two of the third Test against Australia with the hosts reaching lunch in Cape Town at 1-148."

Now, that's not very good. Australia aren't going so well.

Well, this sucks.