Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a little info

This is my first blog.

Well, technically, my first blog that can be searched on the net.


I have another blog but it's dead now. I hardly use it. It's about cricket as well you know.

Here -
(You gotta gave a msn account to view it)

Anyways, let me introduce myself. I know you can just read the 'about me' thingo on the right but yeah whatever.

I'll add more info.

My name is Bridget Anne Garcia. I am 12-years-old and I go to primary school. I am school captain which is a pretty hard job but you get use to it...eventually.

I got into cricket 2 years ago (when I was 10). One day, I just randomly turned on the TV and there it was, the Ashes series. I thought: "Meh, boring," and switched the channel. Apparently, nothing else good was on so I went back to the cricket. Suddenly, I was hooked. I became addicted and continued to watch the rest of the series during the summer. I started to understand what you had to do.

Batsman: Hit the ball, score as many runs as you can without getting out.
Bowler: Get the bastman out.

Simple. It so happened that the Aussies won against England 5 nil and regained the Ashes. Outstanding.

I watched the one-day series and loved that as well.

And that's the reason why I made this blog today.

Amazing how TV can change your life, isn't it?

In a good way, of course.

Also, this was the first year that I tried out for my school cricket team. didn't go so well.

My bowling was too wide. (It's not my fault I can't bowl as far as the length of a basketball court! I'm a girl, for goodness sake.)

My batting was not so good either. I got out like 3 times. I kept trying to slog it.

Most of the people that got in already played cricket outside of school which is unfair.

Oh well, in year 7, I'm signing up to play cricket. Hopefully, I become successful.

But I still blame the teachers in charge for this.

They just didn't see my good shots.

Stuff them.

But whatever. Past is past, that's what my mum always says.