Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks SFA


The people that go there are awesome.

The teachers are awesome (some of them *cough*).

That's why I'm going to miss everything and everybody.



7 years of building relationships with other people; aka 'friends.'

7 years of getting to know the teachers. (more like 7 years of homework torture).

7 years of going to assembly, having library, doing homework, playing on the playground, singing our national anthem, sitting on the ground, being bossed by teachers, having fun, falling over, crying, being happy, work, doing assessments, having spelling words, smiling, laughing, enjoying, excursions, talent quest, hats, school uniform and other random stuff that I cannot think of at the moment.

Next year is going to be different. 2009 is coming.

And since this blog is something that can be viewed all across Australia and the world, I'd like to take this time to thank some certain special people.

Let's start from the beginning.

Mum and dad - for letting me be the best I can be. Both of you have been an inspiration to me and have taught me to respect, love, and honour the people that are important and special in my life. Thank you.

Kindergarden teacher: Miss Murphy
Class: Kindy Blue
- Helping me on my first day and telling me where to put my bag and teaching me my ABC's and 123's. Thank you.

Year 1 teacher: Miss Cox
Class: 1 Red
- Being cool and accepting my present of a giant chocolate block of Toblerone (if that's how you spell it). Thank you.

Year 2 teacher: Mrs Doulub
Class: 2 Blue
- Letting me reach my potential and helping me realise that I could achieve more. Thank you.

Year 3 teacher: Mrs Sultana
Class: 3S
- Building my knowledge and help me improve my reading. Thank you.

Year 4 teacher: Mrs Strong
Class: 4S
- Making me a sportier person and letting me know that I had neat hand writing. Thank you.

Year 5 teacher: Mrs Bracken
Class: 5B
- Helping me improve on my public speaking and speech writing. Making me think more positive, read more and for inspiring me to become school captain for 2008. I thank her a lot for my success. Thank you.

Year 6 teacher: Miss Byrne
Class: 6F
- My current teacher.
For being a humorous teacher and letting us have fun once in a while. Making school work easier and letting us see the good side of things by making us laugh. Thank you.

Principal: Mr Mahony
- Being a great principal and leading assemblies good, lol. Thank you.

Tanvi, Erica, Dana, Jasraj, Nicole, Adriana, Laiza, Japneet, Jenica, Jherrico, Luke, Lysander, Jayce, Brayden, Aurelyn, Natalie, Adem, Callum, Kayetana, Elvin, Courtney, Danielle, Glenn, Ian, Mitchell, Mathew, Liam, Eric, Damien, Sam, Christian, Zac, Alisha, Dale, Alex, Rex, Emilio, Ravjyot, Damon, Terrence, Jordyn, Ivan, BLAH BLAH BLAH; you people know who you are, (sorry I'm just lazy to type all your names up) THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH GREAT CLASSMATES. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Finally, thank you ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI for being a great school.

It was great to go to you. Hm, yes if that makes sense.

Ok, well, since the Year 6 graduation is coming up, I'd just like to share my School Captain graduation speech. Here goes...

Six years ago, I was still in kindergarden learning how to write my name. That was in 2002. But now in 2008, I'm standing right infront of you here today giving a graduation speech. How fast does time go? In my opinion, I reckon it goes too fast. Time is gold, that's what my mum says. And yes, I agree with that. My time with my friends and teachers are pure gold. I will never forget about them. Ten years from now, I'm sure that I'll look back at the past and remember all those who were important to me back in primary school. These sort of memories stick with you forever, no matter what happens. But now I have to move forward, look to the future. High school is going to be different. New friends, new teachers, new environment. No more waking up late, no more playing handball or tennis in the playground. It's sad. I honestly wish that I could stay at St Francis School forever but yeah, that's impossible. I really thank my parents for sending me to such a great school, with such great people. The education was the absolute best, the excursions were fun and the teachers were funny...sometimes. There never was a day that did not consist of laughter and humour. In every single room I went into, there was happiness. The air always gave me a good feeling. Seeing all of those smiling faces; learning and talking to their friends. To me, that is what life is about; being happy. It doesn't matter if you don't have much money, the things that matter are the simple things: learning, friends and most importantly family. Yes, at times your family are a pain in the back, but you have to appreciate and thank God for them as they will always be there for you through the good times and the bad. They will always be by your side. They will also push you and push you, just to make you achieve great things and I cherish that a lot because that is how I got here today. And finally, now that the year is coming to an end, I'd like to thank all my friends, classmates, teachers and just everybody for helping me through seven years of my life at St Francis of Assisi. Thanks for the memories.

Finito. Thanks for reading, thanks for being my friend, thanks for helping me, thanks for teaching me, thanks for inspiring me, thanks for making me laugh...



  1. yayyy go bridget ;D
    my names in there ! lol

  2. LOL who's that well YAY my name is in there woot nice xD