Friday, January 23, 2009

Australia vs South Africa - 3rd ODI

Whoa, geez. I just realised the last time I posted something was 10 days ago.
I’m getting lazy.
Well, I’ve thought of something to make up for that.
I’m gonna have a crack at commentating. YEP, LIVE.
I’ll try and commentate everything. Even the commercials! Including some lame jokes of mine.
Just for the first hour though. Soooo, until 3 o’clock AEST.
This is just how I see things. Sorry if you don’t agree. :)
Here we go...

Hmm at the new One-day International intro. They’re trying to make it gangsta for some reason. The drummer? Are you serious?
Ughh, anyway. Here’s the toss.
Heads call. Yep, Tails. Ricky’s chosen to bat. Blah blah, few changes in the side. Mitchell Johnson’s back. Awesome.
ZOMG, RICKY PONTING TALKS TOO FAST! ><” Okaay, South Africa captain. LOL, I forgot his name. No changes to his side. Mark Nicholas asking some questions which are making me bored. YAYYY, GILLY’S THERE!!!!! WHOOOO!! He’s looking happy. :D Gilly reckons the pitch looks hard. Short boundary...he says he kind of favoured the Randwick end a lot. Mark Taylor now. Ughh, batting powerplay...*yawn* Hurry up, I wanna see some cricket. These people need to talk a bit slower. All I hear are just a bunch of reply...victory...too much to do...64 runs...only managed the end Australia won by something amount of Mark’s now joined him. Ahh, thank God, commercial break. And we’re back. Dale Steyn, half appeal first ball. Yikes. Shaun Marsh strike now. Left it through to the keeper. GO DAVID WARNER! 3rd ball, no run. 4th ball, wide ball. A lot of bounce, swing and movement there, according to the commentators. 5th ball, through to the keeper. 6th ball, no run. 7th ball, YES, GREAT SHOT. Through the covers for four. Commercial. 3 Mobile. Yep, good to be 3. Uhh, KFC FILLERS. YUM! Back. Warner on 4. Australia no wicket for 6. Ntini bowling to Marsh now. 1st ball, no run. Straight past the bat. 2nd ball, no run. 3rd ball, attempted run-out. Nothing. Warner dived. Looking a bit fidgety there. 4th ball, no run. 5th ball, good running. 1 run. It’s only been 2 overs and everybody looks tired already. It’s so HOT. Like an oven. 6th ball, weird shot, no run. No wicket for 9. OPEN HAUS ad something something. Steyn’s back. No run for the 1st ball. 2nd ball, no run. 3rd ball, through to the keeper. 4th ball, no run. Great carry, straight through. 5th ball, defensive shot, no run. Last ball of the over, no run. None for 9. Yeeaahh, Nine News. Heath’s Oscar nomination...mmm-hmm... Ntini; 1st ball, OVER THE TOP. Fielder did crap. 2nd ball, well bowled. Thick outside edge from Marsh. David Warner’s on 8. 3rd ball, well run. Just 1 there. 4th ball, nothing. Green and yellow people all over the place. 5th ball, 1 run. Much better running. Warner; 1 run. Fielder hit stumps with ball, not out. Umm, commercial. Poker tour? My seat is waiting? Really? Back. No wicket for 16. Steyn; 1st ball, whoo! 4 runs. Great slog. Wide mid-on area. 2nd ball, no run. Straight back to Steyn. He’s looking grumpy. :P 3rd ball, OHH GOOD SHOT! ALL THE WAY! 6! YAAYAHH!! The crowd goes up. LOL, Steyn’s even more grumpy now. 4th ball, through the fielder. AND IT’S A 4! WOOTWOOT! 14 off the over. 5th ball, whoop, well fielded. Somebody’s talking loud. I assume its Boucher. Final ball, single. 15 off the over. No wicket for 31. Um, some weird ad about toilets?? You can have a toilet installed under the stairs? Wow. 25 off 16 for Warner. Going good. Ntini; 1st ball, well run. 2nd ball, 1 run. Warner getting boundaries and getting a lot of singles as well. Good stuff. 3rd ball, straight to the fielder on the off-side. 4th ball, oop, tried to do the pull-shot but unsuccessful. 5th ball, OVER the top of mid-off. 3 runs. Could hear a BOO from the crowd. They wanted a 4! I did too, lol. 6th ball, nudged away by Marsh. No wicket for 36. New show, Flashpoint. Looks cool, yep yep. The Mentalist, yeah great. Back. 6 overs bowled. Run rate 6. Great start for the Aussies. Steyn; Grumpy man’s back. 1st ball, just over the mid-field by Warner. 2 runs. 2nd ball, 1 run. Warner’s getting a lot of mention from the commentators. 3rd ball, Marsh, straight to the keeper. 4th ball, some sort of appeal for lbw. Nothing much. 5th ball, good shot. A little fumble from the fielder. Single off the last ball. No wicket for 40. Something about KingGee clothing. Yeah, ok. Back. Crowd chanting on Warner. Marshy on strike, 1 run. Warner’s on strike now. His on 32 off 22 balls. 2nd ball, DOWN THE GROUND AND BOUNCES AWAY FOR FOUR! Good stuff from Warner. He’s a real talent. 3rd ball, no run. Fielders chatting to one another. 4th ball, over the top again. Um, I don’t know how many runs, was too busy typing. Sorry about that. LOL. 5th ball, no’s the call. Last ball of the over, 1 run, good running. No wicket for 48. SELLEYS. PROUD SPONSER OF DAVE THE CRICKET? Good to be 3... Back. 8 overs so far. Kallis on the attack now. To Warner, 1st ball, and it’s a four. 2nd ball, fumble from the fieldsman. 3rd ball, 1 run. 4th ball, Marsh, goes safely, just a single. 7 off 22 balls. 5th ball, Warner, misfield, gone for a single. What’s happening South Africa? Maybe it’s just too hot to concentrate. I mean, I’m finding it hard to concentrate typing! 6th ball, 1 run. None for 56. MCDONALDS!!! ‘love a taste test.’ I’m lovin it. 3 Mobile cricket TV. Awesome stuff. $2 a day. Back. Over 9. Ntini; 1st ball, no run. 2nd ball, no run, straight to the fielder. 3rd ball, well bowled to Marsh, through to the keeper. 4th ball, single, well run. 5th ball, thick edge to third man. C’mon Warner. Final ball of the over for me and Ntini, no run. Well, I’m done. It’s already 3:00. I hope you enjoyed cricket from my point of view. It’s so hot; I’m tired. Cyas.

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