Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Shane Warne is gone.

He's not playing international cricket anymore.

How hard is it to understand that?

For the people who have a brain, yes it's quite easy to understand.

But certain others lack the brain knowledge and reckon he can make a come-back.


Just because Australia is finding it hard without star spinners, doesn't mean a retired player can come back.

Our current spin bowlers are fine thank you.

I'm sure Australia can cope without Warnie.

Yes, everybody knows he's an absolute legend at the art of spinning but enough is enough.

Forget the past and move on.

You can't rely on him every time the Aussies need help because he's not there anymore.

Let the other guys work it out.

They've got talent; they've got skills so they can do it themselves.

Just let them learn and leave Shane in peace.

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