Monday, November 3, 2008


I tried out for the MILO in2CRICKET team at school last Thursday.

I did great.

My batting was controlled and I did pull the occasional slog.

My fast bowling was at its absolute best. I got 2 wickets.

Friday was when the team was announced. I hurried over to the sheet of paper. I searched for my name and there it was; the second on the list. I was freaking going crazy. Well ok, not really. I was over-powered by a state of happiness that I just stood there staring at the piece of paper. I clenched my fist and whispered "Yes" to myself. Relief went through me. I had FINALLY made it into a cricket team. I now classify myself as an official cricket player which sounds so cool.

I assume that the sheet was the batting order. I'm an opener. Sweet. I always wanted to open an innings.

Also, during the try outs the teacher-coach pulled me and one of my fellow players aside and said that we could be wicketkeepers and take turns keeping during the matches...that is if we made it in...and we did. So yeah.

I'm a wicketkeeper. How awesome is that?

Pretty awesome. I love keeping.

The matches are 16 overs. So it's kinda like Twenty20. You gotta hit a lot of 6's and 4's...

and I love doing that ;)

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