Monday, November 10, 2008

India win series

India deserved it, I suppose.

Australia sucked and they were getting suckier by the minute. They got owned/thrashed/pwned/killed/murdered/slaughtered... you can call it whatever you want; they still lost.

India did it.

They beat number 1 and they are now number 2. Good job.

For the Australians...

Please lift your game up.

I'm getting bored with your performances. At one stage it was extraordinary and then BANG! two minutes later it went to shocking.




And I dare say...



And it takes a lot of bad playing for me to say that.

What happened to that arrogant Aussie spirit??

That's what I want. That's what Australians want.

We want to see aggression. We want to see that attacking performance.

We don't want to see slow over-rates. We don't want to see crap. We want to see what Australia does best when focused: Winning.


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