Monday, December 1, 2008

2nd Test, 4th day at Adelaide - Aus win

Australia has won against New Zealand in the 2nd test and has claimed the series.


You know, at one point I was saying to my friend that NZ player O'Brien was going to get out by Brett Lee soon.

And guess what?

A few balls later he was goneskiezz!

Bwahahaha, I'm so skilful.

Brett Lee was on fire...all those bouncers...

I think I even heard Brendon McCullum say "Oh S**t!" while Brett bowled another bouncer at him.

Hilarious. He swore on national television which kids like myself are watching.

Loved the commentators reaction, "Oop, I think I just heard an expletive there." One of them said something like that. I can't recall the exact words as I was laughing my head off.

Immature I know but I just find it really funny. I'm 12, get off my back =]

I absolutely love those stump microphones.

Good job Australia.

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  1. nice lol "OHH s**t" hahaha well there i commented xD

  2. hahahah funny xD
    caught on national televison :L
    they should post it on youtube !
    that would be hilarious LOL

    <3 Erica :)

  3. I was also looking forward to Iain facing Brett, especially after Iain hit Lee quite a few times when Australia were batting.

  4. you know when I was 12, I dint even have a computer.

    TOp effort Bridget keep up the good work !

    Let us link you up then on our blogroll.

    Although, you probably should get permission from your parents before you read mine :P

  5. Thanks Damith S.

    Nahh, don't worry about my parents. They don't understand cricket anyway.

  6. Nice to see a teenage blogger in the blogosphere. Good luck and i hope that you'd continue writing amidst school and exams.

  7. /* Loved the commentators reaction, "Oop, I think I just heard an explicit there. */

    That's an expletive, not an explicit.